Briefly About AC Techart Electronics Pty Ltd

ACTechart Electronics Pty Ltd is your local LED lighting products manufacturer and solutions provider. With many years of experience in the industry and a dedication to producing products of a superior quality, we are the safe choice when you are looking for LED lights in Australia. We can offer you:

1. High quality products

  • We cater to those looking for industrial solutions such as high bay, flood and IP66 canopy lights
  • A wide range of office solutions is available with a choice of panel, tube, oyster, circular panel and LED down lights
  • For commercial and retail areas we offer LED Shop and strip panel lights
  • Petrol station/ car park products such as canopy lights
  • Architectural lighting such as linkable tube lights or linkable recessed linear lights
  • Residential products such as low powered down lights and bulbs.
  • Refrigeration, fire brigade and emergency service vehicles and wall washer lighting such as IP66 Tubes (will be released soon)

2. Custom design services for:

  • Customers requiring specially designed or made to order LED Lighting products to meet your specific application;
  • Short turnaround time for your samples and reasonable small batch production runs;
  • Cost effective solutions due to our own China based manufacturing facility.

3. Lighting design solutions for your existing retrofit application and consultation services
4. We can provide you with a return on investment analysing document and lighting plans for your project/s.
Contact us today

To find out more about our services in Australia or any of the products we provide online, please get in touch with our team today. We can be contacted directly or simply send us a message using the online form provided on the contact us page.



AC Techart Electronics Pty. Ltd

  • 4 Eton Court, Hallam Vic 3803, Australia
  • Phone: 00613 87590018
  • Fax: 00613 87742076
  • E-mail:

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