GL Eleodoro Tube light 1200mm (18W)


Eleodoro LED Tubes are made to make your retrofit your existing Fluorescent tubes a simple change over operation. They are available in 1500mm, 1200mm and 600mm lengths. To change over to our LED tube/s, just take out the existing starter and fluorescent tube, then replace with the provided safety jumper and the LED tube into your existing light fitting. They are safe to use and the light produced is nearly as bright as the old fluorescent tube with cleaner light output.

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LED Tube light 1200mm 18W

LED Tube light 1200mm 18W is designed to replace the old fluorescent tubes we have had for many years. When changing to our LEDs the original starter must be replaced with our Eleodoro safety jumper. The light is very popular in residential and hospitality applications. The light might be a preferred solution for fashion shops, too.

Grinlites brand LED Tube light 1200mm 18W has been used in Australian market for over 6 years with reputation of reliable in quality, safety in use and high performance in light output.


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Cool White, Neutral White, Warm White

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