• Aether Oyster

    Aether Oyster (3)

    Specification-Aether Oyster LED Light

    Benefits & Features:
    • Energy Saving of up to 70%
    • Reliable heat dissipation design maintains a running temperature of <50°C
    • Simple Plug and Go design for easy installation
    • Long life span design of 60k hours to lower your maintenance costs
    • No flickering, No mercury, No UV
    • Residential Lighting, High Rise Apartments, Aged Care and Retirement sites
    • Commercial Lighting
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  • Apollo Bulbs and Down Light

    Apollo Bulbs and Down Light (7)

  • Eleodoro Tubelight

    Eleodoro Tubelight (15)

    Grinlites® Eleodoro Series LED Tube Lights in Australia

    Are you looking for a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to fluorescent lights? Then buy LED tube lights online in Australia with us here at AC Techart. Eleodoro Tube Light was our first LED light we brought to the Australian market in early 2008. These products have been designed to replace the old fluorescent tubes we have had for years. Please note that the original starter must be replaced with our Eleodoro Safety Jumper when you decide to change to an LED tube. The popularity of LED tubes lights in Australia has quickly grown as they are an ideal alternative where fluorescent lighting is in use. Many people find the fluorescent lights to be too harsh, especially in environments like the office where the lighting is on constantly. The colour can cause headaches making the entire environment uncomfortable. That is not the case when you buy our LED tube lights online.

    Why Make the Switch?

    What makes our product a great alternative is the fact that it is environmentally friendly. While fluorescent lights contain harmful gases and mercury, LEDs are free from hazardous materials and can even be recycled.
    Benefits & Features Why should you buy LED tube lights in Australia? Besides the environmentally friendly factor, these products provide a heap of great benefits to users. You can reduce your energy usage and save up to 70% on energy costs as well as reduce the money spent on maintenance and replacement with a long life span of more than 40,000 hours. They have a low running temperature of <60°C, which makes them a safe alternative, and also come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure you can purchase with confidence.
    Application Our tube lights are suitable for a wide range of applications from around the home or office to a commercial space or school. They provide reliable and bright lighting that is relaxing on the eyes and great for those who need them for long term use. To find out more about the applications of this product or to speak to a team member about whether this is the right solution for you, please contact us today. To buy our LED tube lights, simply place an order online and continue to our checkout. Catalogue Downloads
  • Eos Panel

    Eos Panel (11)

    Grinlites® Eleodoro LED Panel Lights

    Our modern LED Panel Lights provide more than 60% light output than the traditional fluorescent tube with a clean, instant start and flicker free light. We have already sold thousands of these LED panel lights in Australasian region covering office lighting, shop fit outs, school class rooms and many other lighting application.

    The panels can be installed in recessed or surface mounted locations.

    Benefits & Features
    • More than 60% Energy Saving
    • Super Slim Design to provide flexibility when installation
    • Low Running Temperature at < 50ºC
    • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (return to supplier)
    • Office Lighting
    • Retail Lighting
    • Residential Lighting
    • Industrial Lighting
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  • Helios Canopy

    Helios Canopy (4)

    Grinlites Helios Series LED Canopy Lights in Australia

    Need a lighting solution that is perfect for your outdoor areas? Buy LED canopy lights online with us. Our Helios Series LED Canopy lights are specifically designed for outdoor lighting applications. They are light in weight, very slim and super bright, using the most advanced LED technology available. While these products are preferred for many reasons, their options for installation really adds to their popularity. They are available in surface mount, suspension and recessed installation configurations. We do our upmost best to ensure the lighting solution we provide directly caters to your specific needs. That is why a special customised design can be offered on request for retrofit low bay industrial applications.
    Benefits & Features One of the biggest benefits of choosing to buy LED canopy lights in Australia is their ability to save you money. With energy savings of up to a massive 70% and a long life span with a 60,000 hour design life, this is a smart investment that is going to save you money in the long run. They are designed to retrofit into your existing light fittings and suspended ceiling systems. They can also be designed to drop into your square light fittings to meet your existing lighting requirement for low bay applications. Customised suspension design is available on request. Light weight construction and low running temperature of < 50ºC makes this a safe alternative, with a bright light that requires low maintenance. For peace of mind, you also receive a 3 year warranty. We have a range of optional functions that will be available in 2014 including motion sensing units with a pre-set 0% power consumption standby mode.
    Applications You can buy LED canopy lights online for a whole range of applications including industrial and commercial areas. As a trusted outdoor solution, these products are perfectly suited for: Public transport, petrol stations, bus and train interchanges and stations and airports. Car parks, external covered areas and local government outdoor sports pavilions Service pits and loading bays for rail, truck and vehicle maintenance areas. AC Techart strives to provide high quality products that surpass expectations. To find out more about any of our products or consultation and design services in Australia, please get in touch with us today. Catalogue Downloads
  • Orion Flood

    Orion Flood (6)

    LED flood lights in Australia – Grinlites Series Orion

    Looking for an effective lighting solution that offers a range of benefits for your property? AC Techart has the perfect solution. We allow customers to buy LED flood lights in Australia via our website. Orion LED Flood Lights are a look-a-like traditional flood light and are a direct replacement for existing MH, HPS and MV lights. These Orion lights are currently available in 50, 100, 200 watt options and 200 & 300 watt versions will be released soon.


    Before you buy an LED flood light online, it is important to learn about the many benefits you can enjoy with your purchase. By making a smart investment such as this one, you can enjoy massive savings (up to 70%) on your electricity bill compared to traditional CFL, metal halide, mercury vapour and high pressure sodium light fittings. With a low running temperature of < 55℃, they are a safer option to conventional products. They turn on immediately, meaning you get rid of that frustrating flickering you get with other lights. You also enjoy no mercury and no UV. When you buy an LED flood light online with us, you also get the benefit of a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty for ultimate peace of mind.


    Light emitting diodes are a great alternative for a whole range of applications including industrial, commercial and retail areas. This particular product is also perfect for those who are looking to illuminate car parks without the fuss. To see if this is the right solution for you, discuss your needs with our team who will be happy to assist you. If you would like to learn more about any of our products or have questions regarding our ordering process, please get in touch with us today.

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  • Phoebe Shoplight

    Phoebe Shoplight (2)

  • Sirius Baylight

    Sirius Baylight (3)


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